Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Welcome to Academy of Couture Art where Fashion comes to light

Mission Statement
The Academy of Couture Art was founded as a higher institution of learning to teach the principles and techniques of fashion that go above and beyond those ordinarily taught in the United States by providing instruction combining European Haute Couture fashion with American fashion. Unique to American fashion education, ACA teaches Pattern Design and Fashion Design separately.
Located at the center of one of the Fashion and Entertainment centers of the World, in the prestigious Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, the Academy of Couture Art offers innovative, challenging, and flexible fashion education programs that prepare a diverse student population for professional excellence in design, fashion and business.
In keeping with the effort to carry out our mission, ACA is committed to fulfilling the following educational objectives: 1) Maintain a curriculum focused on developing relevant fashion skills, knowledge, and experience with current technologies; 2) Provide opportunities for students to develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills; 3) Provide an environment that encourages independent learning, and critical thinking skills; 4) Raise awareness of the fashion designers’ and pattern makers’ professional and ethical responsibilities to society.
The educational objectives stated above are used to assess or measure student outcomes, including students’ ability to demonstrate they have acquired the skills, techniques, knowledge, and training to be successful in the field of fashion.
Academy of Couture Art offers two degree programs in fashion: fashion design and pattern design. These programs are formulated to foster creativity, critical thinking and effective communications skills, career focus, and a global perspective.
To be successful in the fashion industry requires both generalized and highly specific knowledge. Through hands-on instruction, the use of the latest technology, and application of theory, our students are trained to learn by doing. The ability to work independently and as part of a team are encouraged through small classes, study groups, labs, and intern programs.
Respecting the diverse working population in our community, Academy of Couture Art is also the solution for the graduates and professionals who seek to continue to be relevant in the highly-competitive American fashion industry today. Our four one-year certificate programs are formulated to meet the following objectives: to broaden knowledge of the procedures and techniques necessary to be competitive; to upgrade business skills and knowledge; and to help draw a relationship between their product or service and the business skills necessary for success.
As a collaborative center of fashion education, Academy of Couture Art is also committed to provide services and education to the public, such as an art gallery, and run-way fashion shows, that reflect community needs and interests.

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